Touch Free Sink

This touch free sink faucet automatically turns on when you draw your hand under it allowing you to wash your hands hygienically without touching anything, a great idea and a generally cool item. It can basically be installed anywhere with some people installing them in school bathrooms and such. Certainly a futuristic idea and in the long run you might even save money with that little bit of water you save not turning the taps on or off.

Touch Free Sink


  • Powered with either 4 AA batteries or 110v power outlet.
  • Battery life for the 4 AA batteries is roughly a year.
  • About as cheap as a regular faucet anyway.
  • Brass design with chrome outer.


Amazon: 5/5

This item is the best selling touch-less faucet as of July 2013, which says a lot. Its a great item that works very well and does everything you would expect, a simple and fantastic gadget. The only issue it might have is that some people report it running constantly if the power is not supplied, but it is worth noting that the 4 AA batteries are for the sensor so it will last a very long time. Many times longer if power is hooked up directly with it, so this is unlikely to be a problem assuming it was not simply an issue with the way the person reporting it installed it.

Overall: 5/5

Product Name:

Automatic Touch-Free Lavatory Bathroom Sink Sensor Faucet