Clip on Cup Holder

Clip this cup holder onto the side of a desk and you can put your coffee or whatever there, conveniently placed both off the desk and away from your work. If you have a friend, partner or whatever who constantly leaves rings around from their coffee or even from cold drinks, this can be a very good and simple solution that is somehow easier to remember than a coaster and more convenient too.

Clip on Cup Holder


  • Clips on like a clothes peg.
  • Comes in a variety of colors, but red is faster so get red.


Amazon: 4/5

This is a really simple product and it does what it says for the most part. The only issue with it is that certain desks and specifically coffee tables sometimes have odd shapes to their edges that prevent it clipping on. For instance, if your table has an angled or curved bottom then it might struggle to clip on there as the pressure will slide it off. That is the only real problem with the device.

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