LEGO Block Lunch Box

LEGO block lunch box great for children’s lunch boxes, though far from exclusive apparently. If you are looking for a unique lunch box to take to work to get attention then this is definitely the choice. It always gets a few laughs when people realize what it is. PS: The red LEGO block lunch box is faster.

LEGO Block Lunch Box


  • Official LEGO product so the colors and block shape are all authentic.
  • It comes in eight colors: light blue, blue, red, white, yellow, black, green and pink.
  • Smaller little LEGO boxes can be put inside it to store other things as well.
  • A very hardy and durable item that can take quite a lot.
  • Completely dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.

Red LEGO Block Lunch Box


Amazon: 4/5

The first thing about this item is that it is made by LEGO themselves so it really is an authentic LEGO design with the little LEGO symbol on each of the nodes. It has just the right colors typical of most LEGO blocks. While it is not a big deal for most people whether or not it is authentic LEGO, for the odd LEGO enthusiast out there it simply must be a LEGO product and it is.

The next thing is that the build quality is very nice. It is quite a hardy case that is designed much like any LEGO block and so is very resistant to crushing. It will basically keep its own shape in most circumstances and so is difficult to break. Given that people have actually built real houses out of LEGO blocks you can pretty much be assured that durability is not a major issue with this.

The only real problem with this item is that the storage space inside it is a bit lacking. Basically to fit a standard sandwich in it requires the sandwich to be bent a bit, which gives something of an idea of how small it is. However, for most people it really is probably fine even with this little issue.

The short version is that this is a very nice product that is just a little bit too small inside but otherwise great.

Overall: 4/5

Yellow LEGO Lunch Box

Product Name:

LEGO Lunch Box