Blood Bag Drink

Blood Bag Energy Drink

Fruity energy drink that has similar coloring and consistency to blood and is stored in a blood bag-like container. This is a great idea for Halloween and makes for a cool prop. Basically it looks like an IV drip blood bag and is a caffeine energy drink to keep you awake and partying.


  • It is a fruit punch type tasting beverage with strong hints of cherry in it. Tastes quite nice actually.
  • It contains 80 mg of caffeine in it which is equivalent to a single serving of red bull.
  • The bag has a great printing on the front that suggests it is for blood type B.


Halloween Blood Bag Drink


The drink itself has received quite favorable reviews for its taste, which is apparently very much like cherry yogurt. This is not really surprising as it definitely tastes quite good but then again it is a sweet, soft drink beverage so it should taste nice. I suppose gimmicky items like this are prone to not tasting so good but this is a definite exception.

Another positive is that it contains caffeine, which is great for parties as you want to be awake and remain active. It is a great idea for Halloween parties and such.


The only real negative with the item is that it may not be a particularly invigorating energy drink. Interestingly enough Red Bull itself actually contains quite a bit less caffeine than coffee does. If you find Red Bull invigorating, this will probably be invigorating enough for you.


A great Halloween drink idea that works very well as an energy drink to boot.

Product Name:

Blood Energy Potion