Squeezable Egg Yolk Extractor

Use this squeezable egg yolk extractor that lets you suck up the yolk of eggs for cooking and such. Basically, you crack the egg and put it in a bowl then use the suction of this device to lift the yolk, thus separating the two. Clever idea really and definitely useful for cooks that use a lot of eggs in their cooking.

Squeezable Egg Yolk Cracker

One specific use is for people on a diet or whatever, because they may want to have an egg white omelette without the yolk. This product can provide such a meal quite easily and efficiently.


Sucks up egg yolk, separating it from the white.

Easily cleaned by separating the device.

Clear inner chamber


Amazon: 4/5

Quirky: 4/5

The item has received overwhelmingly positive reviews across multiple sites. The main reason it did not score perfectly is because some people have claimed it is a copy of another product. The device just does what it says it does, and well.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Product Name:

Quirky Pluck York Extractor