Key Pocket Knife

Key Pocket Knife


This little hidden knife looks like a key and fits comfortably on your key chain. Its great for cutting open boxes and little tasks like that and is always conveniently on your key chain.


  • Perfect for opening boxes, cutting tape and shopping bags.
  • Blade folds up into and is partially concealed by the key.
  • The blade itself is 2 inches long, which is quite small but it has to be to fit.



The knife is actually quite useful in a range of circumstances. If you ever have been in a situation where you needed a knife badly but just did not have one on you, this is the item. For example, you can use it to cut plastic bags such as shopping bags or tape on boxes. It is also sharp enough to cut cable ties if you scratch it back and forth a bit. Its a good little item to have on your key chain.


The most commonly complained about thing with this item is that the knife does not fold fully into the blade. It folds in the same way a pocket knife blade does, with some of it sticking out so you can pull on it. It definitely could be improved if it folded in fully and had some type of latch or lever to flick the knife out for use.

The design of the item is fairly cheap all said and done. The picture makes it look quite a lot nicer than it actually is. However, it is still quite a nice looking item and fits well on a key chain. It is also fairly sturdy and can take a surprising amount for the low price.


Not a bad item for the price that comes in handy when you need to open something. It is a pity it does not fold up more fully into the key though.

Amazon: 3/5

Overall: 3/5

Product Name:

Key Shaped Pocket Knife