iPad Scanner

IPad scanner so you can scan images and upload them to your iPad conveniently. The main feature of this item is really its portability, rendering it a very nice item for those with a business on the move such as Real Estate Agents, who can copy contracts onto their iPads as well as take photos with it.

iPad Scanner

This product actually can work very effectively with a combination of cloud and e-mail as if you have mobile internet there is no problem uploading scanned documents quickly and as a result lowering your rate of losing them. A really cool idea.

iPad Scanner 2

Granted, the scanner is not going to match a high quality desk scanner but really not its purpose. This item is really meant to be focused on scanning things like business related documents: balance sheets, receipts, bills, contracts and even business cards.


  • 300 DPI image quality


Amazon: 3.5/5

Laptop Mag: 2/5

The gist of the reviews and the reason Laptop Mag gave a low score was because it does not have a save to PDF option and also because when your iPad is docked it does not charge your iPad. In other words, your iPad is running on its batteries while you use it which is hardly convenient. There is also apparently a slight issue with the way in which the feeders pull documents, basically not pulling them evenly.

Another issue with the device, or alleged issue, is that black and white photos have thin black lines on them. If this is an issue it seems only a few people notice it but really its not quite what this scanner is about. What this scanner is really about is scanning things like receipts, contracts and other things where photos do not take good quality images. The scanner gets the details of each letter, basically.

Product Name:

iConvert Scanner for iPad Tablet