High Heel Protectors

High heel protectors that attach to the heel of your shoe to keep it from getting damaged when walking. They also help you to walk on soft ground as the wider base prevents them getting stuck into the ground.

High Heel Protectors


  • Transparent color so they do not stand out in an intrusive way. Many people will even struggle to notice them.
  • Available in two colors: transparent and black.
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials that are recyclable.
  • Keeps your heels from digging into the ground on turf and getting dirty.
  • Each of them is reusable and they tend to last quite a while.

Transparent High Heel Protectors


Amazon: 4/5

The main use of this item is for events like weddings where the women are likely to be wearing heels and potentially required to walk outdoors as well. For this purpose they work very well as the wide base prevents the heel from sinking into the dirt or the sand. The slight covering they offer also prevents most dirt from flicking up onto the heel as well, though this protection is limited.

The black version is particularly good for hiding dirt and such but the transparent is definitely superior as it can be hard to spot them at all. Furthermore transparent goes with basically any color so is definitely the preferred choice with this item.

The only real problem with this item is that the size of it can be a little too big depending on your heels. It would have been nice if there were something of a sponge inside that clamped around thinner and thicker heels alike, but apparently not. The item is fairly cheap anyway and the vast majority of people have found that it fits well onto the heel of their shoes. It is also worth noting that there are different sizes so some of the people reporting issues may not have paid full attention to this.

Short version is that they work well to protect your heels, provided your heels fit into them.

Overall: 3.5/5

Product Name:

Heels Above High Heel Protectors