iPhone Projector

A portable projector for use with your iPhone. If you need to take a large display with you on holidays or even to a business meeting, this projector enables you to display your iPhone’s video on the wall. Overall a great idea and quite reasonably priced overall, this is a great idea for business people who need to carry their slideshows with them but do not wish to lug around a laptop.

iPhone Projector

It also works well as a device to play your family photos on, which is convenient if you wish to take the pictures away with you on holiday when visiting loved ones and not your computer. You can also project YouTube footage using it, which is an absolutely great feature if you think about it.

iPhone Projection Device

Overall this is a great accessory, the only potential negative is that it causes your iPhone to heat up quite a bit. This should not be a major problem and it has received strongly positive reviews on Amazon with an average of four and a half stars out of five.