Elegant Cupcake Wrappers

Elegant cupcake wrappers that add a bit of class to your cupcakes. Perfect for parties and events, these cupcake wrappers are all elegant and generally beautiful.

Wilton Swirl

Wilton Swirl Cupcake Wrapper

The Wilton Swirl is a particularly elegant cupcake wrapper. It has a nice swirling texture with a very slightly silvered finish to it. The gaps in it give it an almost Elven quality. A very nice decoration really.


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Paper Orchid

Paper Orchid Cupcake Wrapper

The paper orchid cupcake wrapper is another beautifully designed wrapper and not a bad price for it considering its a 12 pack. A little over a dollar each, basically. I am really not sure how exactly to describe the design of it in words, almost like wrapping branches. Quite nice overall.


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Wilton White Rose Petal

White Rose Petal Cupcake Wrapper

The low price of this item, its beauty and the numbers they come in make them a very nice cupcake. Though it does lack that transparent beauty the others have.


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Filigree Paper Cupcake

Filigree Paper Cupcake

TheĀ Filigree Paper Cupcake wrapper is a really nice wrapper for weddings and such, featuring little love hearts wrapped about one another. Very clever and elengantly beautiful design. It comes in a few colors as well.


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