Shot Glass Checkers

Shot glass checkers perfect to get drunk with. Each time someone checks one of your pieces you have to drink it as a shot. A great idea for a party game to play with a friend.

Shot Glass Checkers


  • Glass board with little rubber feet so it stays in place.
  • Each shot glass is 1 oz. A standard shot at a bar is 1 and 1/5 oz.
  • Frosted glass for black checkers and clear for white, or whatever.


Amazon: 4.5/5

The price for the set is also quite nice given that the board and the shot glasses are all made of real glass. Really this item is a good purchase in terms of the underlying deal. It is also very popular for parties and the like so bring it out when your friends are around.

The only real issue with the item is that some people have reported their box did not come with all the pieces required. This is a bit of an issue as you would expect the item to come with everything needed, but fortunately this is quite a rare issue and missing pieces is something always risked in the purchase of anything really. It is certainly not common enough an issue to prevent the item receiving a high rating on Amazon.

In short it is a quality item at a reasonable price that does what you would expect.

Overall: 4.5/5

Product Name:

Shot Glass Checkers Set