Moai Stone Ice Cube Tray

These great ice cubes are shaped to resemble the Moai stone heads of Easter Island. The local people of the island built this stones to illustrate the power of their family. The idea was that if someone was really powerful they had a bigger stone head associated with them in some way. Of course you could defile or knock over the head of someone that had been defeated.

Easter Island Maoi Stone Heads Ice Cube Tray

The interesting thing about the Moai Stones is that the creation of them is probably what ironically lead to the collapse of the people, as the use of wooden logs to roll them across the country side meant the clearing of trees that had prevented the island land from salting up. In turn these trees could not beĀ rejuvenatedĀ and the island began to become the quite lifeless grassland it is today. Regardless, these ice blocks are a cool product for budding archaelogists and anthropologists out there and will definitely get attention at the dinner table.