Sound Reactive Foam Fountain

Sound Reactive Dancing Foam Fountain

Sound reactive foam fountain that picks up sounds using a microphone and dances to them. It is basically very much like the popular dancing water speakers except that it is much higher quality and does not have speakers of its own so you can have it dance to your already existing speaker system.


  • Picks up sound with a microphone and the fountain basically sprays foam pellets in time with the music.
  • It also has a standard audio jack you can use to send audio to it if you desire.
  • LED light show that changes color and illuminates the foam pellets in time with the music.
  • Colors include: white, blue, purple, red, yellow, green and some type of multi-color thing (Yes, individually coloring each of those letters did take a while. Hope you appreciate it!).
  • Blower sucks in foam pellets only to spray them out again like a typical water fountain.

Our Review


The light show is amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Basically it looks almost like fireworks with options to have the LED lights flash in time with the music. I would say it even looks better than the water speakers that are all the rage at the moment. A very impressive light show and a high quality item.

The next positive is that it does not have its own speaker system. While this might almost seem like a negative, the issue is that most people want a great fountain light show but want to use their own speaker system with it. This very much allows for that, using a microphone to pick up sound and dance to it. You could position it next to your television, your computer or your sound system and it will dance in time to it all.


There are not really that many negatives with this item. In some ways it is a bit expensive I suppose, but it is a nice quality item that will last. Some people have reported issues with pellets coming out but that typically tended to be merchandise that was damaged.

In the questions and answers area on the Amazon page people were saying that it does not work with headphones but it actually does. If you get some headphone splitters you can plug one of them into this item and it will dance to it. That will perhaps dilute sound volume in your headphones, maybe, but this device is fairly sensitive and if you have amplified headphones it will not be an issue.


A quality item that produces a great light show along with music or even general sounds. Great for parties.

Amazon: 4.5/5

Overall: 4.5/5

Product Name

Can You Imagine Foam Fountain