Glowing LED Light Cup

Glowing LED light cup that can switch colors and even cycle through them. A really cool idea and quite impressive that they only cost about a $1 really. Basically there is a little button and when you press it the light color changes. This item is a really high value item for its price with some people reporting the cups lasting for months. They come with an included battery which you would struggle to buy alone for the price really.

Glowing LED Light Cup


  • Button to cycle through colors.
  • Battery included.
  • Very low price.


Amazon: 4.5/5

The only people on Amazon that had a complaint were people complaining about another product by the same company, so I am giving this item a five out of five. They are just so cheap at $1 each, given the features they possess. There simply is not much to complain about in this product and it looks even better than its photo.

Overall: 5/5

Product Name:

Glow LED Cup Multicolor