10 Fairy Berry LED Lights

Faerie Berry Lights Multi-Colored

Decorate your yard with these fairy berry LED lights. These lights are great for parties and events, not to mention reasonably priced. They come in a variety of colors, including pink and purple. It is worth noting that these can also be used outside, so you can flood your yard with them or even use them as guiding lights along pathways.


  • Comes in a pack of 10 for the price, so cost about $2 each.
  • Replaceable battery inside and it actually comes with batteries included (Amazing, extra points for this!)
  • There are a lot of different color packs available including: white, red, purple, green, blue and yellow.
  • A recess along the circumference, where the two halves of it join, can be used to tie it to wires, string and bushes.
  • They last for about 12 hours once activated.
  • They float in water and remain activated.

Our Review:

Fairy Berry Lights


The key thing with an item like this is how it looks and they do look very nice. If you get a few of them set up in a tree or with some fishing line they can look particularly good. Wonderful for parties and outdoor events and definitely a great idea for a fairy themed party.

The other positive is that you can put them in water features or the pool and they will float around, remaining on unless a great deal of water leaks in somehow. For a night time pool party this makes them pretty spectacular really.


One clear negative is that they are smaller than they might seem based on the pictures. They really are fairy berries in that they are roughly the size of a coin and slightly larger than a marble. The picture might be deceptive and make them look as though they are about the size of a tennis ball but they are quite a good deal smaller. Depending on your perspective, though, this might be a positive as the small size of them might be part of the appeal.

You can technically turn these off by twisting them but as the item is so small it can be something of an ordeal to twist them to deactivate them. In effect this means for people without dexterous fingers they are basically a one-shot item that once activated will stay activated. That said I suppose if you really wanted you could just take the batteries out, but it is a bit of a fuss really.


A nice item with only a few very minor niggling concerns such as difficulty deactivating them.

Product Name:

Fairy Berry LED lights