LED Light Up Shoelaces

Blue LED Shoelaces

Battery powered, LED shoelaces perfect for fun events and parties. Batteries are included, they last for 70 hours and have multiple settings. Overall these make a really cool idea to wear to a party because they make whoever is wearing them really stand out. While most people considering these probably like the idea of them as decorations, they can also be useful for keeping track of your friends at a party. I mean, pretty easy to spot the people with the glowing feet, isn’t it?

Yellow LED Light Up Shoelaces


  • They can last about 70 hours depending on what setting is chosen.
  • Batteries included (YES!!!)
  • Three different light settings: constantly on, fast blinking and slow blinking.
  • They come in a variety of colors including: red, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue.
  • The total length is about 32 inches, pretty good really.

Our Review:


This item is definitely a well made and good quality item, which is actually surprising for such a gimmicky product really. They are not really meant for repeated use but you might be able to get a few uses out of them all said and done, it’d be interesting to see how much time you could get out of them before they finally gave in.

Orange LED Light Shoes

Another great thing, glorious thing, brilliant thing about this item is that batteries are included! I just want to make a quick aside here and say that every item that needs batteries should include batteries. No dodging, no excuses, just include some batteries so people can use it when they get it out of the package. Consider that a new rule product manufacturers.

The next positive with these is that they simply look great. In a dark room they stand out vividly and look fantastic. The colors are really vibrant and there is a slight translucent effect. The translucent effect in particular is appealing.

Green LED Light up Shoelaces


The main negative with this item is that in well lit rooms they are not bright enough. While the item has a 4/5 score on Amazon it probably would have 4.5/5 if they were just a touch brighter. I guess the trade off is that these last quite a while, in terms of battery life.

It also struggles to fit shoes that are particular big, so those with big feet might have to give these a miss or alternatively buy two sets. I am not sure if you can really wear two at once effectively, but it is worth a go.


A nice quality item great for parties, though it could do with being just a bit brighter for moments when there is good lighting or day time events.

Product Name:

LED Flashing Light Up Shoe-laces