Ocean Waves Night Light

Ocean Night Light

Relaxing Ocean Waves Night Light to help you and your children fall asleep. Also includes a speaker to listen to music as you drift off.


  • Built in rechargeable battery that charges via USB in 3 hours.
  • Includes speaker to play music that can connect via bluetooth or standard 3.5mm audio cable.
  • Multiple colors to choose from including white, red, green, blue and cycling between colors.
  • Lifetime gaurantee.

Our Review:

Ocean Waves Night Light


The light show creates a neat and novel effect on the ceiling and it certainly works well with children, though could prove a little distracting.

The addition of a speaker that can connect to external audio is definitely a nice addition as you can listen to music while falling asleep. The other option here is recorded audio books, which is great for children.

The battery life is also quite decent with it lasting around eight hours using just the light and four hours if you are using the speaker as well. Given that it includes its own rechargeable battery this is particularly nice, you will not need to make additional purchases.


The only true negative of the product is the price. While it is a fair price it would have been nice if it had been pushed below the $50 range given that it is just a LED-light and speaker combination at the end of the day.

It would also have been nice if it had some built in oceanic and wave sounds just to add that extra little thing, even if people generally opted for recorded audio.


Sea Waves Night Light

A good quality product that is great for kids and listening to gentle music as you fall to sleep. Would have been nice if it were just a little cheaper.

Product Name:

Ocean Wave Night Light Projector + Bluetooth Speaker