Projected Virtual Keyboard

Projected virtual keyboard that works by projecting an image of a keyboard that you then use to type. Very cool.

Projected Virtual Keyboard

The specific usefulness of a device like this is for any situation where you do not have a keyboard, for instance an eReader. Alternatively, there are situations where a backlit keyboard will not be enough or simply is the wrong choice. Let’s say you have a desk with paper on it but you need to type occasionally  a situation some engineers are in. You use this device when you need to type and project the keyboard over your work papers then turn it off when you are done.

It is also less bulky than a proper keyboard. Overall a very nice item.


  • Connects via USB to computers.
  • Connects via Bluetooth to iPhones, Androids (2.0 and later) and Blackberries.
  • Manufacturer states it can handle typing speeds above 50 WPM, but this is questionable.
  • Ergonomically superior as less strain on wrists because the keyboard is perfectly flat.


Amazon: 3.5/5

Wired: 3/10

It seems very weird to me that wired has given the item such an amazingly poor score in their review, as most Amazon users that bought it seem to like it. The issue Wired seem to have had with the device is that it cannot keep up with 65 Word Per Minute typing which is just an absurd complaint to me. Simply put: if you are looking for an office keyboard then buy an office keyboard. This keyboard is really a specialty device so if you need to type a bit slower its no big deal. An absurd and really unfair review from Wired to rank it down based on that along. Stupid.

Product Name:

Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad