Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is very close to the perfect ergonomic computer mouse. The idea behind the item is quite simple: when you are twisting your arm to hold a mouse you are placing it in a poor position. The natural position for your arm is the position it is in at rest when you stand up, basically at your side and not twisted. This mouse is basically flipped vertical or on its side so the arm does not have to twist. In other words, your thumb would be aiming up.

Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

If you look carefully at the picture, just above the Evoluent logo you will see a thumb rest. Basically it works as a comfortable mouse and you hold it almost like a cross between a joystick and a regular mouse. It is important that before you buy the item you remember that there are right and left handed models which, in the case of this item, actually make quite a bit of difference as the mouse buttons have to be on opposite sides depending on handedness.

The mouse itself is quite a typical wireless, optical mouse with a lazer sensor.


Amazon: 4/5

MacWorld: 4/5

PC Mag: 4.5/5