Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

Bamboo Wireless USB Keyboard and Mouse to show off as a very unique design. If you have an Asian themed office or even just like the unique style, this wireless mouse and keyboard combo is a great idea.

Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

Definitely an eye catching piece of equipment overall. The only real negative is that the keys are quite hard to see as the symbols are basically engraved into wood. This, however, does give them quite a unique tactile sensation when you touch them.


  • Hand-made.
  • Wireless.
  • Real bamboo used.


Amazon: 4/5

Overstock: 4.7/5

The basic problem that prevents this item being higher rated is that the wood carving design and the fact that it is hand-crafted means there are inconsistencies in its design. The worst of these is apparently the fact that the letters, being carved into wood, are at times difficult to see. A bit of a problem really for a keyboard. The other slight issue is that there is no caps lock light so you cannot tell whether caps lock is on or not.

Product Name:

Impecca Usa Bamboo Wirelesskeyboard & Mouse