USB Cable Organizer

USB cable organizer to keep your cables organized and to prevent them from falling away when you unplug them, which is the real feature of the product in my opinion. Basically it works by having four slots with five rubber grips. Insert the cord into the grip and it locks it in place, preventing it sliding backwards. You can also stack cords on top of each other so in the first slot you could have a few cords and it would hold them all.

USB Cable Organizer

The device itself is weighted to prevent it drifting around but it would have been nice if it also included some type of gripper, though the weight generally does the job itself.


  • Holds at least four cords if not more.
  • Grips tight, but not so tight that you cannot manually push and pull cords.


Amazon: 4/5

The only real issues holding the device back from a perfect rating are that the grips do not work so well for larger cables, such as your computer power cable, and that it is only held down by its own weight. Its sort of a given that something like this would have a limit in the range of cables it can grip onto effectively so I do not personally see the first point as an issue.

Product Name:

Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management for power cords and charging accessory cables