Pink Lipstick USB Drive

USB drive in the shape of a pink lipstick case perfect for the discerning lady. In other words, its just a funny gift idea that makes for an amusing novelty USB drive.

Pink Lipstick USB Drive


  • It can store up to 8 GB of data, which is quite a lot really for the price.
  • A little ring at the bottom allows it to clip onto your key chain.
  • USB 2.0 device so it has quite a high data transfer rate.
  • It has a wonderful eye-catching design.

Pink Lipstick USB Drive Open



The main reason anyone is going to be interested in this device is undoubtedly its visual design. It really does have a nice design that effectively mimics the general design of twist lipstick cases. The plastic has a nice glossy look to it that it would be easy to confuse it for genuine lipstick.

The next positive is that it is USB 2.0 compatible. While this has become quite a typical feature it is not uncommon to find the odd USB flash drive that is stills tuck in the USB 1.0 era. Its good that it is not only USB 2.0 but also states it openly so you know.


The main issue with the item is that it is just a little too costly. Given that it is basically generic and does not have an exceptionally high amount of data storage a lower price is something that would certainly have been nice with it. That said it is not terribly priced. 8 GB of data for about $10 is not an awful price, its just not a particularly good price.

In short it is a fairly simply item that could be more competitively priced for what it is.

Overall 3.5/5

Pink Lipstick USB Drive Closed

Product Name:

Pink Lipstick Shaped USB Drive