Watermelon USB Stick

Watermelon USB Stick

Watermelon USB stick in the shape of a slice of watermelon. 2 GB of disk space on it but anyone buying this is buying it for the design, which has a nice little cap on it. It certainly stands out as a very unique USB drive and probably quite a cool gift idea for health and dietary nuts.


  • 2 gigabytes of space, which is 2000 megabytes for those who are not familiar. Its quite a lot, but a fairly typical amount for a USB stick.
  • 12 megabytes per second read speed and 8 megabytes per second write speed.
  • USB 2.0.
  • It is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows XP/2000/ME, Mac OS 9.0 and above. (its probably compatible with Linux as well, its a pretty standard USB drive underneath it all.)



This item is a simple USB flash drive that just happens to have a nice shape and style. The design of the watermelon is particularly detailed, with a little seed included. The end of it unplugs to reveal the USB adapter which can be plugged in any time.

The two gigabyte of space is quite a lot but a fairly typical amount for a USB stick and certainly not particularly good value. However, this isn’t about technology specifications its about style. If you like the style of it, buy it. Simple.

The read and write speed are basically typical of what you find in USB 2.0 flash drives and are adequate. It would be nice if it were faster but that is roughly the limit of USB 2.0 really so its fine.


This item really has only one true negative and that is that it is a bit wide. What this means is that if you are trying to plug it in and there are other USB devices plugged in next to it then it might have trouble fitting. For this reason I have lowered its overall score to 4.5 out of five, whereas on Amazon it has a perfect score.



Product Name:

2GB Watermelon USB 2.0 Flash Memory Drive