Smallest USB Wireless Adapter

The smallest USB Wireless adapter available at the moment, this miniature device plugs into the USB port and the very small device then sticks out to receive and send wireless signals. A great device for people lacking room or who just want the gimmick factor of having such a small wireless receiver.

Mini USB Wireless Device

The small size does come at a slight cost to signal strength, but on a decent wireless network this should not really be a problem. Most areas are saturated with signal strength and it is no doubt better than the Internal wireless receivers that come with most laptops anyway.


Its features include:

  • Data Rates up to 150Mbps (Faster than old style Ethernet, at least)
  • Compatible with standards 802.11n, 802.11b and 802.11g
  • Works on any USB 2.0 bus

It is also worth noting that the device has received very positive reviews on Amazon, with an overall rating of four stars out of five after 359 reviews which is a great achievement really. The only flaw, once again, is signal strength but if signal strength is an issue the world’s smallest USB Wireless Adapter is obviously not the right choice to make for your Wireless needs.