Soda Bottle Pressure Pump

Ever get irritated that your bottle of soda has become flat after opening it and drinking only a little? This Soda bottle pressure pump can be used to basically pressurize the soda and keep the fizzy-ness. A very clever and quite needed idea that almost any house hold could use.

Soda Bottle Pressure Pump


  • Comes in a pack of three, which is good because once you put these on you have to keep them on basically until the bottle is finished. You cannot swap them
  • It fits on the standard sized bottle caps typical of water bottles, coca-cola, etc. The typical screw on bottle top basically.
  • It has an o-ring seal included (remove to remove this from the bottle as well as the device when you go to place it on another).


Amazon: 4/5

A nice gadget with a strong showing on Amazon this item roughly works as expected and makes a good addition to the kitchen. It is also nice that it comes in a pack of three because the bottle is pressurized so through the use of this device you cannot swap the original lid back to it.

The main complaint about the item is that it breaks but it is worth noting that if you over-pump this is an inevitability. Over-pressurizing will simply break such a device. Given that it is not that expensive for a pack of three of them I think you just have to wear the cost of it should it break. Reports seem to be quite varied with some people on Amazon stating the item lasted them 5 years and counting. Just don’t get excessive with the pumping and it will be fine.

Overall: 4/5

Product Name:

Fizz-Keeper Pump Caps