Iron Man Reactor USB Necklace

Iron Man reactor USB necklace based on the device worn by Tony Stark in the Iron Man films. Basically this reactor powers the Iron Man suit, which is kinda the source of Stark’s super powers. Of course, this necklace will not power your suit but it is quite cool with LED Lights and an in-built 8 GB USB drive.

Iron Man Reactor USB Necklace


  • 8 GB USB flash drive.
  • Built in LED lights to give it the glowing look it has in the films.

Iron Man 3 Arc Reactor USB


Amazon: 4/5

The positives of this item are clear: it looks so cool. I mean, its a cool necklace and perhaps the coolest USB drive around. Iron Man is also one of the better Superheroes if only because he actually has charisma. As such this item even has a degree of coolness about it beyond what other superheroes do.

There are however some faults with the item. The first of them is that it does not come with a chain so you have to buy your own separately, which is a bit annoying though i guess this allows you to customize it. The second problem with it is that the size of it is quite small compared to the reactor in the film. Personally I view this as a positive, though, because as a USB drive you do not want it to be too big or it will be difficult to get in if there are devices competing for room next to it.

Overall: 4.5/5

Product Name:

Iron Man 3 Arc Reactor USB LED Light Flash Drive