I’ll Poison Your Food Apron

This comedy Apron has embellished text upon it which reads, “Be Nice to Me or I’ll Poison Your Food”. A nice little comedy Apron and definitely an idea for a mother’s day gift as well.

Be Nice or I'll Poison Your Food Apron

The Apron itself is high quality enough to be worth buying, but is otherwise just a typical Apron. The embellished text upon it does add an extra layer of quality. This item is a great gag gift for mothers out there and a fine comedy present for them. Something to consider for mother’s day.


  • Poly/Cotton material
  • Embroidered text
  • Chuck it in the washing machine, no shrining or any issues like that.


Amazon: 5/5

This item has received amazingly positive reviews with only one reviewer on Amazon giving it anything less than five stars out of five and they gave it four. It is simply a good item that works as you would expect and tends to go down well as a gift. The reviewer giving it four stars also did mention that he sent it to his sister and has not actually seen the product yet so it is kind of weird he is reviewing it at all.

Product Name:

Black “Be Nice to Me or I’ll Poison Your Food” Embroidered Apron