Knight Helmet Beanie

Knight helmet beanie that has a face guard that lowers over the mouth, keeping the wearer warm and looking like those helms worn by knights jousting. Very cool idea really and it never ceases to amaze me what people come up with. To add further the helm itself is a crochet beanie which adds a nice touch to an already quite fun item. It really does stand out as an interesting design for a beanie and yet despite its gimmicky quality is actually a nice, hand-crafted item.

Knight Helmet Beanie


  • In the style of helms worn during the Renaissance period. Think Leonardo Da Vinci era for the time period.
  • Hand Crocheted, which is pretty impressive for the price really.
  • Acrylic fabric, which does not mean anything to me personally.
  • The face guard can be removed entirely if it gets annoying, its just buttoned on.
  • Comes in children and adult sizes.


Its a nicely priced, hand made item that is perfect for history buffs and such. I cannot help but feel that it could somehow be aesthetically improved still, perhaps by being shinier or something like that. Otherwise, very nice item.

Overall: 4/5

Product Name:

Crochet Knight Helmet Hat Knit Renaissance Beanie