Tree Face Plaque

Tree Face Plaque

This plaque looks like a face and blends into a tree, making it seem like the tree itself has a face. It does so in a subtle, fantasy-story way like something out of Lord of the Rings. Very interesting looking item.


  • Hand-painted to make it look very much like wood.
  • Crafted from quality resin.
  • The material molds and bends to the shape of the tree.
  • Screws into place with included screws that blend in as well.

Tree Face Plaque Staring

Our Review:


The first clear positive is that this item looks amazing against a tree. It has that really great fantasy look to it and seems as though the tree will talk. Children in particularly tend to love this item as it is kind of the spirit of the tree itself. It is very much like something out of a fairy tale.

The next positive is that the item molds to the underlying shape of the tree behind it so basically fits any tree. All you have to do is heat it up by laying it on the ground in the sun and over time it becomes that little bit more flexible. Then just press it against the tree and screw it in place with the included screws.


How good this item looks is highly dependent on whether it fits well against the tree or not. While it fits well enough against most trees, some have reported that with the odd tree it struggles to fit properly against because of the underlying shape. The end result of this is that the face can morph and change shape, basically disfiguring it in a way and causing the cheeks to suck in or similar. Most people do not experience this issue at all, though, resulting in a very high rating on Amazon.


A nice quality item that looks great on most trees, though can be distorted on the odd tree depending on the shape.

Product Name:

Tree Spirit Face Plaque