Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter

Gingerdead Men

These Gingerdead Men cookie cutters allow you to cut skeleton Gingerbread men. Then you just fill in the indentation of the bones with icing and you have these treats, great for Halloween.


  • Cuts out gingerbread men and prints their skeleton. Then you just add icing into the print created.
  • Each of them are about 5 inches tall, which is a pretty standard size really.
  • It functions as both a cutter and a stamper.

Our Review:

Gingerbread Men Skeletons


The start with this item is manufactured by Fred and Friends, who make quality products. In terms of its build it really is just a well made item. It cuts well against the dough as you are cooking, the printing is easy and its fun to use. For the less dexterous among us it may be a struggle getting it to look as good as the photos, but that really is par for the course with cooking really.

The next positive with it is that they work well both generally and especially for Halloween. This is almost a must have item for those preparing for a Halloween party. They make for a very popular item and are a great hit with children particularly.


The main thing wrong with this item is that it just is not that easy to create gingerdead men as nice as the ones in the photo. The big issue with it is that getting the icing to fit neatly into the groove created by the stamp is not very easy at all.


A nice item for making gingerbread man skeletons, but the photos make it look easy when it really is not.

Product Name:

Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter