Hands Free Bag Holder

Hands free bag holder for those times when you need to keep a bag upright to scoop stuff out or whatever and you just do not have a hand available. A very nice kitchen gadget sure to come into use, particularly if you like to store food in these little baggies and reheat before serving. Its a wonder this gadget did not exist earlier.

Hands Free Bag Holder


  • Stable rubber base that will not slip around.
  • The little clips at the top collect the ends of the plastic bag and hold it open.
  • Can be folded up for easy storage.


Amazon: 4.5/5

This item is a fairly simple and good item really and there is not much to review. The best part about it is undoubtedly the little clips that hold the bag open, making it very convenient to scoop the contents out. Where it gets its specific use is when you are just finished cooking and intent to fill a bag. Just put the bag onto this device and start filling it. Close, move onto the next back. It really increases efficiency.

After 141 customer reviews it retains a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon. Enough said really.

Overall: 4.5/5

Product Name:

Hands-Free Baggy Rack Storage Bag Holder