Dashboard Smartphone Holder

Dashboard Smartphone Holder that works for almost every model of iPhone as well as Samsung Galaxy phones. It basically uses suction and a lever to attach itself to your dashboard or even your car window. Provided it can fit around a device it can hold it.

Dashboard Smartphone Holder


  • The holder comes in black or white, both have that typical shiny look.
  • The holder can turn 360 degrees without detaching so you can swap your phone from vertical to horizontal mode easily enough.
  • It uses a gel pad that is a bit sticky combined with suction power.

Black iPhone Dashboard Holder


Amazon: 4.5/5

The first thing with this item is that it is very safe for your phone to be placed in. It grips the phone itself tightly but not in a way that would damage it. Furthermore the device is disinclined to just pop out of place suddenly so you will have warning before it gives out, if it does at all. The suction grip itself is very strong and it basically works by using a gel pad at the bottom to lock air out of the suction area, thus holding the grip steady. It also has a locking feature to make sure the device is locked even more thoroughly, use it people.

The design of the object itself is quite nice and the shiny black and white colors go well with most smartphones which tend to be either white or black. Furthermore its build is relative minimalist compared to many smartphone holders around so it will not take up too much room on your dash or be too intrusive to your view.

The primary negative of the device is that the grip needs to be readjusted every so often, but this is only in certain cases. The good thing here is that it never really falls out completely. Basically the suction provided and the way it attaches means that the mount tends to slowly loosen rather than suddenly fall out one day. As a result your phone is pretty much safe in it but there can be a slight annoyance factor for some in that it may need to be readjusted about once a week or so depending on the material of your dashboard as well as conditions. If this problem does occur just wash the gel suction base with water and make sure it is clean and then dry it, this will generally improve suction.

In short it is a nice smartphone holder that works well to hold devices in place and is unlikely to suddenly drop them if used correctly.

Overall: 4.5/5

White iPhone Dashboard Holder

Product Name:

Dashboard Windshield iPhone Car Mount Holder