iPad Suction Mount

iPad Suction Mount to attach your iPad to car windows or walls. The iPad is a neat device but it is not always practical to be holding it up, this presents the solution by offering a stand that attaches via suction to any surface. It then attaches to the iPad itself with a magnet, which is a very cool idea because often you want to collect your iPad quite quickly.

iPad Suction Mount

While an item like this might seem a bit gimmicky at first glance, it has many potential uses. For example you can set it up in the kitchen to display a recipe, which is a very common use for portable devices like this. You could have it in the garage even to help in repairing cars, or nearby when you are attempting to repair a computer. Best of all, however, it can be attached to a car dashboard so an item like this could be very useful for busy professionals who use their iPad as mobile PC of a kind.


  • Compatible with iPad 2 and iPad 3.
  • Attaches to the iPad with a magnet.
  • Attaches to the desired surface with suction.


Amazon: 4/5

The item has received highly positive reviews for a number of reasons. The first of these is that the suction cup on the bottom has a sticky edge that gives it that little bit extra attachment and makes sure the seal for the suction is good. Specifically useful in the car or where the surface is not quite flat due to being textured in some way.

The problem with the item seems to be restricted to a few units or even incorrect use, with the magnet apparently not gripping strongly enough. Certainly a bad sign for such a product but not common enough to cause it to get less than four out of five from reviewers on Amazon.

Product Name:

iMagnet Cradle-less Magnetic iPad 2/3 Mount