Cigarette Lighter Vacuum Cleaner

Cigarette lighter vacuum cleaner that can be used to vacuum your car and such and plugs into the cigarette lighter port. It comes with quite a long extension cord, stretching to 16 feet, so you should be able to at least reach everything in your car and even stuff outside it like a tent or whatever which is probably part of what it is used for.

Cigarette Lighter Vacuum Cleaner

The best thing about the item is that it has quite decent sunction power, which is traditionally where lesser vacuum cleaners have failed. This one is actually good and will get up most stuff. It also has quite a few extentions like brushes and that, but personally I never use those and I doubt you have curtains or whatever in your car so not sure where you’d make sure of them. Then again, if you are working with clothes and curtains in your car I guess it could come into use then. Anyway, neat gadget.


Accessory brush tool and right angled brush tool included.

16 Feet long cord, which is a very nice inclusion.

2 year warranty


Amazon: 4/5

Test Freaks: 7.3/10

Reviews are generally favorable for the item, but there is a slight issue with its suction capacity apparently. Its hard to really verify this issue though because there are just some stains and such that are hard to get out at the best of times. Most people seem to report it having quite an impressive suction capacity, particularly for a portable and relatively small vacuum cleaner.

Product Name:

Black & Decker PAV1200W 12-Volt Cyclonic-Action Automotive Pivoting-Nose Handheld Vacuum Cleaner