iPhone 4 Pepper Spray Case

iPhone 4 Pepper Spray Case

Practical and yet oddly funny pepper spray case for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3. Naturally I had to include the pink version of the case as the picture. Its quite a typical plastic case that has a little side attachment for SABRE RED SmartGuard pepper spray.


  • Adds a pepper spray alongside iPhone 4, which is both practical and a little hilarious.
  • Legitimate defense grade pepper spray by Sabre Red.
  • The sprayer can detach easily enough from the case. Basically it just has a little side storage for SABRE RED type sprayers.
  • Available in three colors: black, pink and white.



Its an iPhone case with a built-in holder for pepper spray and it comes in pink. I mean, what more do you need to know about it really? Seriously though it is quite a good defense tool and somewhat simplifies carrying your pepper spray. It is ready to fire at a moments notice and is a great addition for anyone in a dangerous situation, though the target market is clearly women.


The only real negative of the case is that, combined with the pepper spray attached, it is a bit bulky. It is a bit bulky and as such can be a bit annoying in your pocket. This, however, is the cost you pay for having quite a nice amount of spray alongside it. Furthermore, if you need to you can detach the canister and just use it as a normal case.


A nice item for defense that is a bit too bulky.

Product Name:

Sabre Red Pepper Spray Case for iPhone 4