Hand Powered iPhone Charger

Hand powered iPhone charger that you can use to charge your iPhone simply by turning the crank in a circle. Works on basically any phone that can plug into the standard US 120 volt outlet. Charge your phone using your arm rather than the outlet, great for people that may not have a power supply nearby or for a survival kit of some kind.

Hand Powered iPhone Charger


  • 120 Volts, 10 watts.
  • The rate of charge is the same as it would be if plugged into the wall.
  • Standard US power outlet that basically any two pronged device can plug into.


Hand Crank Phone Charger


Amazon: 4/5

The build quality of the item is quite good with no one really reporting any kind of breaks, but it is a bit costly so this is expected. The crank spins fairly easily and the grip makes turning it easy. It works to charge your phone and outputs DC power.

The basic problem with the item is that it can be a bit of an arm workout to get it to charge your phone but overall it is fine. This complaint seems to have specifically come from a person on Amazon who has it for their survival kit. Basically a prepper of some kind and those people are quite judgmental on their equipment compared tot he rest of us who just want it to work, which this item does.

The next problem is that it outputs power in DC which is a bit annoying as mains power is AC. While it still works with basically every phone, it would have been nice if it came at least with an adapter to convert it to AC or something like that.

The short version is that the item works very well and you can charge your iPhone using your bodies energy with this device. Sweet deal.

Overall: 4.5/5

Product Name:

Pocket Socket 120 Volts Hand Crank Generator