iPhone Game Controller

iPhone game controller that plugs into your iPhone or Android 2.1+ mobile fine and can be used to play games. While the iPhone has quite a lot of computational power, the touchscreen simply does not work so well for gaming. Cue iPhone Game controller as the solution. The mobile phone fits into a cradle just above the controller, with the vast majority of phones fitting very well including the iPhone.

iPhone Game Controller


  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android 2.1+ phones.
  • Design heavily inspired by controller for Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which had a nice controller.
  • Holds phones up to 75mm in width


Amazon: 4/5

The controller works great for most games but is apparently a little troublesome for First Person Shooters. Personally, I find ALL controllers save for a mouse and keyboard to be troublesome for First Person Shooters anyway so it probably is not a big issue. It is great for racing/driving games though or platforming games where you have a character than runs around.

The only real negative I would point to is that it requires a USB micro cable to charge. This means owners of iPhones or Ipads may have to buy them as an extra and frankly all of the iPhone accessories are overpriced.

Product Name:

Gametel Portable Games Controller