Cigarette Lighter Vacuum Cleaner

Cigarette lighter vacuum cleaner that can be used to vacuum your car and such and plugs into the cigarette lighter port. It comes with […]

Solar Powered Glowing iPhone Case

Solar powered glowing iPhone case that absords light energy from the sun to generate its glow. Its basically a glow in the dark case […]

iPhone and Computer Keyboard

Keyboard for the iPhone that enables you to type quickly responding to messages and the like. One of the best things about it is […]

iPad Scanner

IPad scanner so you can scan images and upload them to your iPad conveniently. The main feature of this item is really its portability, […]

Arcade iPad Game

Arcade iPad game that you can insert your iPad into and use the buttons and joystick to play. This is a very retro, 80′s […]

Remote Controlled Eski

Remote Controlled Eski that you can use to deliver drinks without getting up. It operates just like a remote controlled car but you can […]

Automatic Dog Water Bowl

Automatic Dog Water Bowl that activates when the pets get near to it just like a drinking fountain. The idea is that it keeps […]

iPhone 4 Keyboard

A great little QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone 4 to make typing easier. For people that have a lot to type, the iPhone screen […]

iPod Shower Speaker

iPod shower speaker in the shape of a drop, with the speaker on the bottom. You can hang this up in your shower, put […]

iPhone Baby Monitor

iPhone and iPad baby monitor that feeds footage and audio of your sleeping baby to you via either your iPhone or your iPad. A […]

Portable Streaming Projector

Portable Streaming Projector that fits in the palm of your hand and projects movie and television shows using a WiFi connection to the Internet. […]

Projected Virtual Keyboard

Projected virtual keyboard that works by projecting an image of a keyboard that you then use to type. Very cool. The specific usefulness of […]

Pink UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Put your toothbrush in this UV Toothbrush Sanitzer at night to keep them germ and bacteria free. Basically you just leave it on and […]

Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint door lock that opens by detecting finger print details, like a spy movie. The great thing about this is that you do not […]

Personal Pizza Oven

Personal Pizza Oven for all your cooking needs. The Presto 03430 Pizzazz Pizza Oven is great for heating up your frozen pizzas or baking […]

Automatic Open Trash Can

Automatically Opening Trash Can that uses a sensor to detect movement and automatically lift the lid so you can put trash in. A very […]

Hand Held Air Conditioner

Looking to stay cool? Try this hand held air conditioner, which also stands well enough on a desk to blow directly at you. Naturally, […]

USB Powered Humidifier

USB Powered Humidifier to fight the dryness in your office or bedroom. A simple but effective item, this plugs into the USB port of […]

Flexible USB Inspection Camera

This neat Flexible USB Inspection Camera allows you to investigate in hard to see places by twisting and bending the camera, almost like how […]

mp3 Amp

MP3 Amp that you can plug into your iPhone or even your computer via a USB connection. The item is actually a fairly versatile speaker unit […]

3 in 1 breakfast maker

3 in 1 Breakfast Maker to handle all your breakfast needs. A fun idea and good for those who don’t have much room. It includes […]

Mini USB Wireless Device

The smallest USB Wireless adapter available at the moment, this miniature device plugs into the USB port and the very small device then sticks out to […]


This portable roll-A-Piano can be rolled up and taken with you, making it a good option for people that want to keep practising piano but do […]

USB Powered Mini Fan

A USB Powered Mini-Fan that is great for cooling you as you use your PC or even for cooling the PC itself. For example […]


Digital Microscope for the iPhone 4 that features a very strong zoom capability of up to 60X. The item is easy to use, features […]

Multi Person Headphone Splitter

Let five people listen to your iPhone’s sound with this Belkin Multi Person Headphone Splitter. Its design is elegant, its cost low and it […]

iPhone Headphone Splitter

Split your headphone audio among three people with this iPhone 3-Way headphone splitter in the shape of a tree branch. This is a must […]

Moon Night Light

This moon Night Light is a great product for children and even for adults. One of the great things about this product is that […]

Timer Cube

This Timer Cube is a great idea for those that need to time an activity without the fuss of a stop watch. Basically, you […]

USB Keyboard Pranker

This USB Keyboard Pranker enables you to play tricks on your friends and fellow workers by inserting it into their PCs. Once inserted it […]

RaspBerry Pi Model B

The Raspberry Pi is a $60 mini PC. it uses a Linux-based operating system, so no Microsoft Windows, and plugs into your Television set […]

Electric Shock Game

The lightning reaction electric shock game is a fun game, though the shock packs a surprising punch. Basically, there are four controllers and a […]

Bullet USB Flash Drive

This USB Flash drive is shaped like a rifle bullet, making it a fun gift for gun enthusiasts as well as gamers. The flash […]

Human Thumb Drive

USB Flash drive that is in the shape of a human thumb, making it a clever play on the phrase ‘thumb drive’. The drive […]

Hand Powered Flashlight

Hand Powered Flashlight that is powered by giving a lever on its side a few squeezes. Overall it is a very good idea for […]

iPhone Projector

A portable projector for use with your iPhone. If you need to take a large display with you on holidays or even to a […]

Fridge Locker

Keep your food away from thieves with this fridge locker. Set the combination, put your food inside and no one else can access it. […]

USB Coffee Mug Warmer

Put your cup of coffee or tea on this mug warmer and it will keep your beverage warm. It plugs into the USB ports […]

USB Heated Gloves

These fingerless gloves include an in-built heater that keeps your hands warm as you use your computer. This is actually a very, very clear […]

USB Fridge

Keep your drinks cold with this USB mini-fridge. It can only really store one can or a cup, but it is not intended to […]