iPhone 4 Keyboard

A great little QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone 4 to make typing easier. For people that have a lot to type, the iPhone screen based keyboard simply is not up to scratch and this is one of the better keyboards available for it, with its own case-thing included.

iPhone 4 Keyboard

It is actually quite clearly highly ‘based’ on the design of the Blackberry keyboard. Not that I am accusing it of being a direct rip off, nope. I wouldn’t do that.

Very easy keyboard to use and has received quite positive reviews.


  • Bluetooth transmission of signals from keyboard to iPhone.
  • Slide out and in to swap quickly between iPhone’s screen based keyboard and the Bluetooth, case-based keyboard.
  • Each key has a light and there is also a light on the case that shines down onto the keyboard.


Amazon: 3.5/5

CellPhoneCase: 4.1/5

The reason it has not got a higher rating on Amazon seems to be that someone was having trouble keeping the item paired with their iPhone. Its hard to say whether this is really the fault of the device, a generic problem with Bluetooth or even user error though. The second little issue is that the case keyboard and the iPhone have to be charged separately which is a bit of an annoyance but not really world shattering. I would personally say that is its biggest problem as often you just want to have your tech gadgets charge over night.

The simple truth of the matter is that this is one of those items that just does what it sets out to do. Nothing amazing, nothing unexpected, just does what it does well. If you are after a Blackberry like keyboard for the iPhone then this is not a bad choice and it is wonderfully cheap at $20.

Product Name:

Luminous Bluetooth Slider Qwerty Keyboard Case for Iphone 4/4s