iPhone and Computer Keyboard

Keyboard for the iPhone that enables you to type quickly responding to messages and the like. One of the best things about it is that it can be used on both a iPhone and a computer, with a button controlling the switch between. As such this makes a great office gadget as you can plug it into your phone and your computer and be responding to emails and messages at the same time. It is just a really refined, cool gadget.

iPhone and Computer Keyboard

If you look carefully at the image there is a little blue button near where the iPhone is. Pressing that enables the switch between iPhone and Computer.

As the device connects to your computer using a USB port it is good that it at least comes with a built in USB hub that offers two USB connections so you will not miss out. It is actually such a good feature that it should really come by default on computer keyboards if they can fit them physically as almost all of them take up a USB port. The point being that most computers can accept more USB connections than they have physical ports anyway, the issue is just finding room for the ports.

In regards to connecting your iPhone to the device there is a little pad just above the arrow keys that the phone slots into. A bluetooth connection is then used to connect the keyboard to it.


  • Connects via blue tooth to your phone
  • Connects via USB to your computer
  • Includes a two port USB hub integrated with the keyboard


Amazon: 3.5/5 Stars

The reviews basically suggest that the keyboard is just too expensive and that it would be nice if it were a fully wireless, multi-bluetooth item for the price rather than just having one bluetooth connection and requiring a USB port and a cord to connect to a PC. It also has the old style of keys that are quite tall rather than the flatter, laptop-based designs that are becoming increasingly popular. What this means is that you have to press the keys down a bit further before they register as being pressed. A little bit of a matter of taste though I must admit I prefer the smaller keys as they are just a bit gentler.

Product name:

Matias One Keyboard with Built-In Pad for iPhone and Mac.