Portable Streaming Projector

Portable Streaming Projector that fits in the palm of your hand and projects movie and television shows using a WiFi connection to the Internet.

Portable Streaming Projector

The main benefit of this item is that you can directly stream movies and television shows from sites like Hulu or Netflix. So if you are going on holidays and need an easily transported source of entertainment you take this with you. It is completely self contained, so you do not need anything but a decent WiFi connection to get the streaming media from the Internet and a wall or something to project the media on.

Roku 3M Streaming Projector


  • Advertisements on streaming media
  • 2.5 Hour Battery life, which is enough for a movie but a little short. It does plug into AC power though.
  • Limited to streaming content? It would be nice to plug your DVD player or Laptop into it.
  • Some streaming services require credit card information?


  • Does not require a computer, DvD player or any media like DvD discs. Just needs a WiFi connection to stream media.
  • Battery and cord power.
  • Very small item that fits in the palm of your hand
  • Includes speaker and port for headphones/speakers. RJ 45 connection, which is standard headphone adapter or computer speaker adapter.

Overall it is a nice item if you need a portable media player, but it is a pity it does not have more options for connecting other devices to it. It would be really great if you could plug your laptop into it or even your XBox360. It does what it generally says it does, though.