MP3 Amp

MP3 Amp that you can plug into your iPhone or even your computer via a USB connection.

mp3 Amp

The item is actually a fairly versatile speaker unit with a bit of punch to it, so all round not a bad thing to buy really. Its features include a 5 watt speaker, ability to plug into a computer and work as a speaker for that, etc. Apparently, according to the product description on Amazon it is also premium grade. That is right, PREMIUM GRADE. So you have to buy it now, because its premium grade. How many premium grade speakers are around really?

Some of you might be thinking, “Well, the manufacutre just writes that on their to try to convince the buyer of quality or even just as fluff text”. I can assure you that the regulations on claiming a product is PREMIUM GRADE are harsh indeed and you, sir, are mistaken.