iPhone 4 Melted Ice Cream Case

Pink ice cream case for the iPhone 4 that looks like melting ice cream is dripping down the back and front. Pretty sweet design that is functional, beautiful and well priced.

iPhone 4 Melted Ice Cream Case


  • Clips together, the blue part of the ice cream clips beneath the pink to attach the case over the phone.
  • Does not interfere with signal strength at all.
  • Works with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
  • Thin and fits snugly around the phone.

Pink Ice Cream iPhone 4 Case


Amazon: 3.5/5

The best thing about this case is the wonderful design, particularly how the ice cream drips down both the back and the front. It certainly is an attention grabbing case and looks very nice. It makes a great gift because almost anyone can use it, though the pink color does make it a bit better for girls.

The next positive is that this case is very cheap. Costing less than $2 makes this case a very easy purchase for those that want a stocking filler that is sure to be popular or just want to add something to their Amazon purchases to meet a certain price quota. While iPhone cases are generally quite cheap, I am not sure how this one has managed to be so cheap and yet look so good when most of the cheaper cases are wrap around ones rather than come in pieces.

The main negative reported is that the plastic of the case itself is quite a slippery, slick plastic. This really is only a minor problem all said and done as the texture of the gripping ice cream and the shape of the phone make it hard to truly let it slip. It is not more likely to fall out of your hands than it would be without the case.

The next negative reported is that the case does not offer enough protection, but this report is hard to verify because it all depends on how much protection you want. If you want truly great protection for your iPhone check out either the UAG armored cases around or even the Otterbox. This case offers good enough protection for one that is cheap and decorative.

Short version of it is that for the very low price it is a great case.

Overall: 4/5

Product Name:

Melted Ice cream Iphone Case