Timer Cube

This Timer Cube is a great idea for those that need to time an activity without the fuss of a stop watch. Basically, you turn the device until the desired time is on top and it begins a count down. When the time is up it begins beeping. There are no ticking sounds or warnings, it just goes off when it reaches the given time.

Timer Cube

There are so many uses for this device. It can be used in cooking, used to limit video game and television time for children. It can even be used when working out to time how long you do a specific task. Basically, you can use them for any timed task. There are even examples in the Amazon review section of parents using them to help their children keep track of time while completing homework and speech therapy tasks.

Blue Datexx Cube

They also come in a wide variety of colors, including blue, purple, green and yellow though the colored ones tend to cost $2 more for some strange reason.