iPhone 3-Way Headphone Splitter

iPhone Headphone Splitter

Split your headphone audio among three people with this iPhone 3-Way headphone splitter in the shape of a tree branch. This is a must have for iPhone users that like to share their music with others on car trips.

While unorthodox, its design is clearly well thought out given that if three people are listening there is likely to be yourself in the middle holding the iPhone with a friend on either side. The design takes this into account as the branches go off in opposite directions, leaving the stem for yourself. A very clever product. Its design is also relatively durable and small and includes a key-chain so it is easily carried around.


  • Splits headphone audio between three people.
  • Three people can plug their headphones in at once.
  • Comes with a key chain for portability.
  • Branching design means it gives just a bit more cord length to people sitting on either side of you.
  • The standard 3.5 mm headphones can plug into it.
  • Compatible with most smartphones, including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy.

Our Review:

iPhone 3 Way Headphone Splitter


The first positive of the item is that it really does work. It splits audio among three people, allowing each of them to plug their headphones in and listen. It works with iPhones, iPods, Galaxy smartphones and anything that uses the very common 3.5 mm audio port, including computers.

The design of this item is also pretty neat really. While the tree branch idea looks quite cool, it is actually quite functional as well because if you are sharing audio you will typically be sharing it with two people on either side of you. The branches of this tree thus go in opposing directions. It also has that general Apple style light grey look about it, so fits well with your apple products.

The final positive is that it is a very portable item that you can attach to your key chain. As such you can take it around with you alongside your keys and your iPhone, without it taking up too much room and getting in the way. Sweet deal.


The first negative of this item is that the volume decreases with every extra person plugging their headphones in. There is not really any way around this because the power for the headphones is typically supplied from the device itself, so the volume is divided between however many people are listening. The only solution to this would be for the device to have a built in amplifier, which would make it less than portable. As such, while this is a problem worth keeping in mind its not any fault of the manufacturer.

The other complaint that gets made about this item is that sometimes it does not fit the audio jack in properly. Basically some people experienced issues with how the ports caught their plugs, and so they kept partially falling out and preventing them getting any sound at all. Its hard to say whether this is a legitimate complaint though and not perhaps some issue with that person’s specific audio cables. The vast majority of people report it working just fine.


Neat item that splits audio among three people, its a pity it lowers the volume with each additional person though.

Product Name:

kirkland music branch 3- way head phone splitter key chain