Ultimate Swiss Army Knife

Ultimate Swiss army knife with no less than 87 different implements to solve any situation you are likely to encounter, including preparing and cleaning your nails. It literally has two implements, a nail file and a nail cleaner, just for your finger and toe nails which is quite funny really. More practically speaking it also includes accessories like a compass and even a wire stripper.

Ultimate Swiss Army Knife


  • 87 different implements including a toothpick, nail file and wire stripper!
  • Lifetime warranty, though it is limited somewhat.
  • It just has basically everything you could really want in an army knife, even tools for working on watches its ridiculous.


Amazon: 3.5/5

A truly amazing gadget and certainly a very interesting item, this knife basically has it all. It has nearly every tool you could possibly need in almost any circumstance including multiple Phillips head screwdrivers, hacksaws, a flash light and basically everything. I intended when I set out writing this article about the item to actually list them all and explain how they are all used, but I just could not be bothered with it as there are simply too many.

The funny thing is that a few people have commented on the toothpick being poorly placed in the center of all the implements, so when you use it to pick whatever out of your teeth it looks really awkward. Described by an Amazon reviewer as looking like you are playing a weird harmonica. Pretty funny really but what do you expect with a Swiss Army Knife that has a whopping 87 implements?

The only true potential negative of the item is that it does not have a Lanyard Hole. To be honest I did not even know what a Lanyard Hole was at the start of writing this and even now I am not so clear. I guess it is a kind of hole you can use to tie the device up with, so you can easily tie it to your belt or whatever. It does have some facilities to do this with an key ring chain anyway, so its not entirely impossible but I guess I can see how some people might be annoyed. The sort of fussy people that buy Swiss Army Knives costing over a thousand dollars I suppose.

The main thing with this item is that it is an expensive, quality army knife that is basically the ultimate Swiss Army Knife if not the most efficient.

Overall: 4/5

Product Name:

Ultimate Swiss Army Knife Wenger