Robotic Masseuse Car

This robotic masseuse car drives around on your back to massage you. Quite a clever idea and certainly one of the stranger gadgets around, even stranger is that it actually gives a good massage and works very, very well. Bizarre.

Robotic Masseuse Car


  • Drives around the body with its partially spiked tires, massaging against it.
  • Three modes: vibrating, dancing and a slow relaxation mode.
  • Powered by three AA batteries which are not included (really manufacturer, no battieres on a $99 product? come on!)
  • It has some fingers that also assist in the massage in one of the modes.
  • Sensor technology prevents it from driving off your body. Pretty cool.


Amazon: 5/5

A very good product if you need to relax, just lay down and let this drive around your back to give you a nice massage. Its a fairly simple idea but the appeal is quite clear.

While the product has a perfect score on Amazon, I feel that for people who like a deep and hard massage this might be lacking. Personally, I am one of those people and while the robot is relaxing it just does not dig in enough in any of its modes. Probably by design really as it could hurt people but even so it would be nice for a harder, rougher mode to get the kinks out of muscles or whatever a hard massage actually achieves.

Overall: 4.5/5

Product Name:

Massage Robot with Vibrating massage