Rainbow Shower Head

Rainbow Shower Head

Rainbow Shower Head with LED lights in every color of the rainbow. A wonderful item to spruce up your shower and impress guests with like the show off you are. The item itself can also cycle through individual colors and do a whole bunch of nice things. The best part is that no batteries are required, which is a very nice thing indeed.


  • Colors cycle every 2 seconds.
  • LED light colors include: red, orange, yellow, green, white, purple and blue.
  • No batteries needed, powered by the water pressure itself (clever!).

Led Shower Faucet Color Changing

Our Review:


The clearest positive of the item is that it does not require batteries or any external power as it is powered by water pressure alone. Neat really and it definitely adds some quality to the item. Children particularly love the LED light shower head and the alternating colors, for quite obvious reasons. It is also good for dark showers as some of us like to have as it provides just enough light to see handles and such.

The lights themselves also last quite a while with a longevity of about 3 years. I suspect that they will actually last longer but the manufacturer is playing it safe in stating three years. There is a bit of a question mark on how easy it would be to replace them once they die, if at all, but the item is fairly cheap anyway so just buy a few if you like it so much.


The first negative of the item is that it alternates between colors rather than having a rainbow appearance apparently but that is kind of the idea. Personally I do think it can probably be set to just be a rainbow but I cannot figure out how that is done and judging by some of the reviews around neither can a few people. Somewhat a bit handier might be able to work it out though.

The next negative with the item is that it must be used with a shower hose. In other words it cannot replace your typical wall mounted shower head. Some fancy craftsmanship could probably change this and adapt it quite easily anyway though, as ultimately it is just a vessel for water to travel through.


A nice item with strong reviews. Works very well and is popular with children.

Product Name:

Color Changing Showerhead Nozzle