Transparent Chair

Transparent chairs for your table that work well around a glass table. Due to their transparent nature they are given the name ‘ghost chairs’, but that sounds a bit much to me so I’ll just call them transparent I think.

Transparent Chairs

This particular design is made in the French style generally associated with the Loius XV period, or something like that. Just pretending to know what I am talking about there but I guess they are kind of Frenchy.

Ghost Chair

The material itself isĀ acrylic, which can easily have higher transparency ratings than glass. There certainly is something nice about it but it is worth noting that its basically just a chair and the price is quite high for something that is just a chair. Sure, its sturdy, stackable, hard to break and eye catching but its just a chair and not an antique so at a price of $141.76 quite expensive. That said, if you are the type to buy it you were probably sold at the first picture.