Interlocking Stackable Furniture

Interlocking stackable furniture that can be stacked to form a pillar-thing as shown to the left of the chairs in the picture. The idea is that when you are done with your chairs you just stuck them on top of one another and it forms a cylinder-like object.

Interlocking Stackable Furniture

Even if you never use the cylinder stacking the chairs are nice chairs in their own right and are perfect for outdoor use. These make great party chairs and especially good when you consider that you could keep many of them around stacked.

General details:

The overall set is a 6 piece set which includes:

  • 4 Chairs with seat cushions
  • 2 small, half-circle tables.

The chairs are made of PE (polyethylene) Rattan, which is particularly resistant to weather. The frames of the chairs are aluminium. Each of the mini-tables have a glass top and the cushions have a splash cover which comes off for cleaning purposes.

Overall they are a nice, classy item that really are great for parties and fit perfectly on deckings.